Kettlebell Lessons with Steve Cotter

Since I started training with kettlebells last month I have been looking for some more good online lessons on how to lift.

Going along to a class is still the best option as you get hands on coaching and any problems with your form can be picked up before habit forms. But online videos are still a great way to learn and to remind yourself of the correct techniques.

Kettlebells are really a slightly less safe exercise. They involve big and fast movements while swinging and lifting a heavy weight. Unlike standard barbell and dumbbell training there is more pressure on the lower back, more turning movements, increased movement of the wrists and other joints.

It is definitely not advisable to start a kettlebell workout plan for the first time with a heavy weight. Start light and build up as you become more confident with the movements.

I recently asked for opinion over at the UK Muscle forum on the best way to learn kettlebells. I was advised to get instruction, so joined a local class (only about 15 minutes drive away) and I am really enjoying the energy and enthusiasm in the class, very similar to doing martial arts.

Anyway, in addition to the recommendation to find an instructor, someone did suggest that I look up Steve Cotter’s video instruction, and I have found some of his videos on YouTube, and they really are rather good.

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Swings Instructional Video

This jumps right in to the double swing, using 2 kettlebells. We have already shown single kettlebell double arm swings here. Steve Cotter teaches well, the advice to make sure that you are controlling the weight, not the other way round, is fundamental to kettlebell safety.

The Kettlebell 1 Arm Hang Clean

One big powerful movement to lift the kettlebell from the ground to the rack position (kettlebell held on your chest).

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Turkish Get Up Instructional Video

We have already looked at the Turkish Get Up, but this is such a good and clear instructional video that we wanted to share Steve Cotter’s advice too.

Kettlebell Overhead Snatch

I did this move for the first time this week. The kettlebell snatch is one bug movement starting with the kettlebell on the floor and then lifting until it is above your head.

There are two variations to the snatch; the first is lifting the kettlebell straight up in the straight line, trying not to swing the kettlebell out away from your body, so that as it reaches your upper chest you turn the hand in and thrust your arm up.

The second is a swinging movement to lift the bell, which is more an extended single arm swing which then locks out at the end. In both cases it should be one clean movement.

Steve Cotter here explains it as a swing, clean and jerk, all put together.

I hope you enjoy these kettlebell workouts. Steve Cotter does a great job at explaining the various kettlebell movements, although it is still better to get along to a class or find a private instructor as correct form is very important with kettlebells.

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