Burn 500 Calories with this Home Workout

This intensive circuit has just four exercises, but you can burn 500 calories if done properly.

This is a classic 4 exercise circuit training workout which is designed for fitness and burns a lot of calories. Exercises done are cone lungesband chopsdumbbell squat presses, and mountain climbers.

The cone lunges work the legs really well with a lot of emphasis on the thighs. The band chops work the core and abdominals and are excellent for developing a flat stomach.

The dumbbell squat presses is a big move which sees you using your glutes (the largest muscle in the body) and shoulders. Shoulders are often neglected.

The mountain climbers work the legs and core and also build on the supporting muscles in the shoulders.

This workout is very simple, but allows you to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Aim to increase repetitions or time performing the exercise set in each workout.

Try to complete this circuit 4 times, taking at least 60 seconds for each exercise and testing a short period in between. The more circuits you do, the more fat you burn and the fitter you get.

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